12 College Degrees Most Likely to Make You a Millionaire

I want to become a millionaire, but I didn’t know what college degree would get me there. After doing some research, I found 12 college degrees that could most likely make me a millionaire.

There are thousands and thousands of degrees. Each one offers different opportunities for income and growth, but not all will make you a millionaire. These are by no means in order of the most profitable to the least, but merely a list.

1. Agriculture/Agribusiness$56k

Agriculture is the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products. Agribusiness is the selling of those grown goods to the public.

People will always need food. The business of producing something that human beings will always need is a sure way to gain income and keep it.

There are risks in agriculture because the success of crop can sometimes depend on weather and climate. However, if you’re smart about it, you can find great success in agriculture.

“With nearly 60,000 job openings annually within food, agriculture, environment and renewable resources fields, and only about 35,000 qualified graduates to fill them, the door is wide open for students who pursue an agribusiness MBA degree.”  

Future of Business and Tech

Here are just a few careers which an Agriculture/Agribusiness degree can get you:

  • Estates Manager- So, what is an estates manager? What do they do? An estates manager is exactly what they sound like. They manage and oversee employees under the owner of the business and estate. They need to know all of the specific duties of each staff member. They work directly with the owner and need to be extremely organized and able to understand and perform the vision of the owner of the estate.  Most Estate Managers live at the Estate and report directly to the owner. It is a very important and demanding job.
  • Agricultural Consultant- Agricultural consultants make sure that the business is running smoothly. They communicate with clients(farmers, landowners, and public bodies, etc.) They are glorified and professional problem solvers.
  • Farm Manager- A farm manager oversees production. They develop strategies for maximum yield, work machinery, and manage any associated business and staff that has to do with production.
  • Fish Farm Manager- The Fish Farm Manager has the same duties as the Farm Manager. They oversee production and make sure it is as efficient as possible. They are responsible for making sure things run smoothly and effectively on the machinery level.
  • Plant Breeder/Geneticist- Plant Breeders and Geneticists work on improving the quality of the product. They modify plants and crops so they are more able to resist disease, drought, and other calamities that can befall a crop and make farmers lose money.
  • Soil Scientist- Soil scientists analyze and examine soil composition and chemical properties. For example, some soil is not fit to plant in because it is too acidic.

Agriculture/Agribusiness careers are never going to go out of style. They are attractive options for millionaires because of their lifelong demand.

They can sometimes be high risk if you don’t know what you are doing, but if you have a degree and a plan, you have a high chance of climbing the money ladder and making it to the top in a reasonable amount of time.

2. Architecture $63K

This is a very diverse field. Architecture degrees will teach you how to design, develop, and plan out the building of buildings, lots, and repurposing of existing buildings.

You also learn a bit about landscaping depending on what portion of the degree you choose to go for.

The world is changing and growing. When it comes to human beings, architecture will always be an important part of our lives. We all need to live somewhere. We also all go to stores, banks, businesses, parks, and we visit vast areas of the world to see beautifully designed buildings.

Architecture is a very important part of our world culture and identity. It stands to reason that it would be a very smart/wise degree choice.

Here are some careers in the field of Architecture:

  • Interior Design- Interior designers design inside spaces to be safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Everyone has a different personality and wants a space all their own. That’s not going to change any time soon.
  • Landscape Architect- Landscape architects design the landscape around buildings, parks, and parking lots to put in greenery and improve or facilitate exceptional functionality. They are hired either by private companies or cities to design specific outside areas according to the specifications and regulations of the city and state.
  • Construction- This is the actual physical process of landscaping and building buildings. A career in construction can be varied, but it all involve the actual labor involved in architecture.
  • Urban Planning- Involves the creation/planning of communities, cities, counties, towns, etc. to accommodate population growth. It basically is a job which requires the employed to decide how to use the land appropriately.

Architects make a lot of money because the world is expanding. We are building and moving forward in the world faster and more technologically focused than ever.

People are upgrading and searching for better, greater ways to live their lives. We will always need architects and that’s why Architecture is such an attractive degree.

“Majors that emphasize quantitative skills tend to have graduates
with the highest lifetime earnings. The highest-earning majors are those in engineering fields, computer science, operations and logistics, physics, economics, and finance.”

-The Hamilton Project

3. Biology $66K

Biology is the study of life, individual organisms, their communities, and the systems, cells, and processes that make up living matter. Biology is a rather broad degree and there are a lot of options.

Everyone knows that doctors and medical practitioners in general tend to make a lot of money and it’s no surprise that it’s an appealing degree choice.

  • Physician’s Assistant- examine, diagnose, and treat patients. A PA may also prescribe medicine and educate patients, and do many medical tasks to support the physician.
  • Nurse Practitioner- prescribe medicine, examine patients, and provide treatment. In some states, they do not need the supervision of a doctor.
  • Biochemist- studies the way chemicals and biology make life possible. This can include studying diseases and cell development, among other things.

Biology is a good major for someone who wants to make a lot of money, because it can branch out into a lot of different things. The diversity of options and opportunities for this degree afford someone their pick of any number of good careers.

And there’s still a lot of need for people in the healthcare or scientific research industry. It’s likely that whoever eventually follows this path and discovers a cure to cancer will walk away with a lot of money for their efforts.

4. Communications $56k

As a communication major, you learn how to discover the needs or readers, viewers and listeners. They are creative in discovering unique strategies to convey their messages.  

They also learn the best techniques to write in different styles. With a communication degree, you find the best visuals, auditory materials, and videos to find the best way to communicate, as the name of the degree indicates.

With a communication degree, you find the best ways for yourself and others to become effective in communicating.

Some of the top jobs that can be obtained with a communications degree are:

  • Public Relations Specialists- strategically think about the influence on public perceptions of media.
  • Meeting/ Event Planner- create themes and promotions in order to successfully sell an event to attendees.
  • College Alumni and Development Officers- evaluate the needs of alumni groups and plan their events, receptions, and social events.
  • Media Planner- select the best mix of media outlets for advertising.
  • Social Media Manager- help organizations brand themselves through social media.
  • Human Resources Professional- recruit staff, orient new employees, develop training programs, and convey policies to the staff.
  • Business Reporter- cover developments within businesses, industry, and economy through journalism skills.
  • Health Educator-  assess the problems and needs of an audience on the subject of health.
  • Brand Manager- oversee the positioning of products for the public eye.
  • Sales Representative- find the best way to sell a product and show it to consumers.

Communications is one of the top degrees to make you a millionaire because it is important to how our society is moving. We are heading into a time where sending out information is important for a company.

People who have skills with communication are better able to help others to be effective with their communication to the world.

Often times, the image we put across being professional is more important than the content we supply. The better we are able to communicate with the world in a way that evokes more professionalism, the better we can get our message across.

5. Mathematics and Statistics $67k

Mathematics and statistics degrees are for those who enjoy anything numerical. They deal with solving problems, thinking analytically, and giving justifications for their information with quantitative data.

With a mathematics and statistics degree, people become proficient in distinguishing data. This degree allows them to use logical sequencing to come up with an answer.

The best jobs to get with this degree are:

  • Actuaries-  weigh multiple factors in order to find the structure and pricing of insurance policies.
  • Statisticians- help marketers, scientists, sports teams, and many others to interpret data for their operation.
  • Operations Research Analysts- study the production, sales and other areas to solve problems and create a more efficient system.
  • Financial Analysts- apply mathematical model to estimate future earnings, valuations, and market trends.
  • Business Analysts- look into problems that organization have to propose solutions.
  • Market Research Analysts- help companies to introduce, modify or expand manufacturing of products.
  • Accountants- organize financial statements and set up systems for compliance.
  • Insurance Underwriters- assess the risks for clients in insurance.
  • Digital Analysts- help companies to find the best web to improve or expand impact through the internet.
  • Math Teachers- teach lessons at many levels regarding mathematics.

Math and Statistics is one of the top degrees to become a millionaire with because everyone needs a math person. Also, because there are more people in the world that complain about math, rather than the desire to partake in anything math, people with this degree often help others.

As shown by the list, the best jobs for this degree are to be an analyst. Often other businesses are able to operate and function well on their own, however, they need someone to come in and do the math and statistics for them.

Behind every good business is solid mathematical evidence and statistics. This degree will always be needed to help the world operate more efficiently.

6. Marketing $65k

With a marketing degree, people gain the skills to promote certain products and services to consumers. They have the skills to find the best possible way to get consumers to buy their products. They are often creative in finding the best way to fit their target audience.

They have strong researching skills and are able to assess the needs of their consumers. They also often deal with visual communication, product design, and slogans and themes for campaigns.

The best jobs for a Marketing Degree are:

  • Admissions Representative- market colleges to future students and families. Promote the institution.
  • Brand/ Product Manager- oversee all the aspects of marketing a product or service. Select and direct other departments that conduct research, media planning, and advertising regarding their brand.
  • Event/ Meeting Planner- anticipates the needs and preferences of an audience for a wedding, alumni gathering, press conference, etc.
  • Fundraiser- assess the interests of donors and communicate key services provided by organizations. Often associated with non-profit organizations.
  • Marketing Assistant- help assistants to compose and revise marketing communications.
  • Market Research Analyst- design and carry out assessments of how consumers reacts to certain products and their advertisements. They gather data regarding the statistics behind the advertisement.
  • Media Planner- determine what forms of media a company could use that would best attract consumers to their product.
  • Public Relations Representative- analyze and audience and find the best communication to use for the specific demographic.
  • Sales Representative- assess the what the consumers prefer. They also may sales pitches with their communication skills.
  • Social Media Manager- refine the image of a certain organization and make a positive presence with online marketing.

Marketing is so necessary for every business to be able to send out their message. We have all seen bad advertising. Marketing degrees help to avoid that occurrence. Marketing can get you to millionaire status because you will be needed anywhere you go.

7. Psychology $57k

With a psychology degree, you will be keen on understanding human behavior, motivations, emotions, and thought patterns. Psychology includes the skills of verbal, writing, and presentation. This degree allows you to read people better and interact with them in effective ways.

The best career choices for psychology are:

  • Guidance Counselor– work with students, teachers, and families to plan out educational tasks and overcome any obstacles.
  • Human Resources Staff- recruit and train staff and other employees.
  • Social Work- work with human behavior, social relations, addiction, personality disorder, and motivation. Finds the best solutions.
  • Management Trainee-  train and evaluate the staff.
  • Salesperson- help salespeople to bring their pitches out in the right light.
  • Fundraiser- coordinating campus fundraising campaigns.
  • Market Research Analyst- design studies and analyze data to come to conclusions.
  • Public Relations Specialist- establish rapport with media and become convincing with their client’s.
  • Psychiatric Aide- understand the conditions of their patients and give them instructions for care.
  • Trial Lawyerappraise the attitudes of jurors.

As seen, many of these career choices that come about through a psychology degree are scattered. The ability to know others better and assess their needs is critical. This will bring you to be a millionaire through your skilled knowledge on the human brain.

8. Sociology $56k

With a sociology degree, you will be able to understand why people interact the way they do. Many topics are associated with sociology such as family, marriage, criminology, interactions, gender, aging etc. Many more topics can be discovered through this degree.

Some of the best jobs for a Sociology degree are:

  • Guidance Counselor- uses the knowledge of sociology to navigate students in the academic world.
  • Human Resources Representative- interact effectively with a range of people. Analyze work roles and asses candidates for jobs.
  • Lawyerresearch and litigate cases.
  • Management Consultant- analyze business issues and find remedies for solutions of clients.
  • Market Research Analyst- tests products and services to find the most effective marketing campaign.
  • Media Planner- assess advertising needs of clients and give them a media plan to bring up their sales.
  • Policy Analyst- researches issues regarding the public.
  • Public Relations Specialist- they are the ultimate communicators. Understand audiences and their preferences.
  • Social Worker- apply the knowledge of sociology to assess issues with clients and help fix the problem.
  • Survey Researcher/ Pollster- measure opinions formed to composer survey questions.

A sociology degree is another one that can lead to many different paths. These different paths all lead the world to be able to run around smoother.

With the knowledge and skills gained through a sociology degree, there are many aspects that high paying jobs desire. This will lead you to make the right amount of money to become a millionaire.

9. Economics $69k

usiness, people, finances and money saving concept – close up of businessman with piggy bank and coins over growing chart

An economics degree gives the skills to gather, organize, and interpret data, using mathematical formulas to make calculations. They are able to analyze problems and give solutions. This degree also requires solid communication skills.

“For this year’s Forbes 400, we asked the nation’s richest what they majored in as undergraduates and heard from about 290 of them. There were some 80 different majors reported, with the biggest number – 45 – responding that they had majored in economics.”

-Forbes, 2017

The best jobs for an economic degree are:

  • Market Research Analyst- asses how products might change under different economic conditions.
  • Economic Consultant- use analytical skills to carry out studies regarding economic scenarios. Analyze industry trends to give companies their best performance.
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager- evaluate options for pay and benefits. They study trends and supply and demand for many different jobs.
  • Actuary- determine the likelihood of insurable events. Consider many different variable in analyzing risks.
  • Credit Analyst- conduct analyses for clients to show risks involved in loaning funds.
  • Financial Analyst- research companies, industries, stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles for financial departments.
  • Policy Analyst- research and analyze issues that impact the public and give recommendations to address the issues.
  • Lawyerprepares and tries cases.
  • Management Consultant- analyze business problems and research solutions for clients.
  • Business Reporter- write and broadcast stories about business leaders, companies, industry trends, etc.

An economics degree may lead you to become a millionaire because the degree itself helps you to understand money. With an economics degree, you will better be able to assess many situations for others.

10. Medicine$208k

With a medical degree, you will be able to analyze various information. You will acquire the skills to learn how to interview and examine patients. You will also learn the many things that revolve around the human body and how to resolve issues.

Some of the best jobs with a medicine degree are:

  • Podiatrists- diagnose foot, ankle, and lower leg issues with exams, x rays and tests.
  • Advanced Practice Nurses- provide primary and specialty care.
  • Optometrists- study the eyes and assess the sight abilities of patients.
  • Psychologists- assess the needs of patients in their mental functions.
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice- meets with clients to give checkups and discover any possible needs and give solutions.
  • Gerontology Nurses-
  • meet with patients based on their needs.
  • Physician Assistants- examine patients in order to diagnose and treat patients.

Everyone needs medical authority in their lives. People with a medical degree often get paid more than most fields.

Because medicine is complex to study, we need people who can help us with our bodily issues without any knowledge. They are paid well and are likely to become millionaires.

11. Computer Science $82k

The world is continuing to advance technologically. There is a growing need for people who can keep up with it and use computer skills to improve the future. This is a field that may never die out, and those who major in computer science will be well set to make a lot of money in their life.

Some jobs that people can have with a computer science major are:

  • Software Developer- create programs and develop, test and maintain the software. Fluent in computer languages and code.
  • Database Administrator- create and improve data resources and analyze and evaluate needs of users.
  • Web Developer- create web pages according to clients and consumers needs. Create the technical structure and maximize the page for optimal amount of visitors and SEO.
  • Computer Programmer- debug problems in existing software and write new codes and programs for software according to clients’ needs.
  • Computer Hardware Engineer- design, develop, and test new hardware such as circuit boards and memory devices for new computers and devices.

If you want to make a lot of money, majoring in computer science is a good way to go. There is a high demand, because the world is continuing to advance in the technological sphere.

People are also willing to pay a lot of money to have a good website, because that could be the face of their company. This degree can make someone millions if they utilize their skills to their advantage and know their worth for the work that they do.

The College Majors Handbook with Real Career Paths and Payoffs helps provide you with the “actual jobs and earning of college graduates within 50 majors,” so that you can see for yourself the benefits of the majors listed here.

12. Finance $60k

With a finance degree, you’ll really know how money works. You’ll be able to spend your own and others’ money with skill and smarts. With a strong understanding of the economy and the process of making money, you’ll be all set to make your own with a finance degree.

Some of the jobs you can get with a finance degree are:

  • Financial Analyst- research bonds, stocks, and other financial elements to assist investors with mergers, acquisitions, and other financial decision.
  • Financial Planner- advise clients about how to manage their finances and make smart money decisions.
  • Accountant- present financial information to clients using charts, graphics, and visual aids. Keep accounts and records of finances on behalf of a client.
  • Actuary- utilise software to perform calculations and present findings to managers and clients.
  • Investor Relations Associate- prepare and present financial information about their clients to analysts, investors, or other clients.

A finance degree is excellent for anyone who wants to become a millionaire. What better person to make a ton of money than someone who knows how money works and how to make the most of it.

With knowledge on the economy, spending, and overall finances, a person with a finance degree has all the tools to become a master of their own fate and make their millions.  

13. Engineering $83k

With an engineering degree, you will learn how to apply the principles of math and science. You will use your experience to make things that will benefit other people. With an engineering degree, you will be able to create a product that will meet a specific need.

The best career choices for engineering are:

  • Cartographer- create maps for anyone on a road trip. Be a map artist for online or physical maps and GPS systems.
  • Civil Engineering- design and maintain the public works and facilities, such as bridges and streets.
  • Mechanical Engineering- design machines inside and outside of buildings, such as generators, engines, turbines, air conditioning, and many more.
  • Environmental Engineering- develop solutions to the problems arising in the environment today using principles of engineering.
  • Biomedical Engineering- create devices and equipment such as organs, body parts, and other machines that can diagnose medical issues.
  • Petroleum Engineer- are in charge of findings oil and gas for our country’s energy needs. Develop ways to extract oil from deposits below the surface.

“The highest paid engineering degree — chemical engineering — can produce lifetime earnings of over $2 million. And that’s just the average. The top 10% of chemical engineers can pocket $3.96 million in their lifetime.”

-Teen Vogue

Engineers are a necessity in our day. They are paid a significant amount of money because they are the creators and the thinkers behind all of our functioning systems.

They use hard mathematical and scientific evidence to create our devices and tools. To keep us safe, this job must be done right, which is why engineers are paid well. This job will get you on your way to become a millionaire.

Related Questions

What percentage of millionaires have a college degree? Going to college really does help people make money. About 80% of all millionaires have college degrees, and around 18% have a master’s degree.

Could I become a millionaire without a degree? It can be much more difficult without a degree, but some people have made a lot of money without degrees by creating a business or product.

What jobs produce the most millionaires? There are several jobs that can make a lot of money. Some of these are lawyer, engineer, medical doctors and surgeons, investment bankers, and real estate or insurance brokers or agents.  

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