Can you Work Your First Year of College?

I know you, you responsible and savvy college freshman, wondering If you can work your first year of college to help pay your way. Fear not, for I have an answer for you.

As a general rule, students can work their first year of college, and many do. Sometimes, a program may be too demanding, and require abstinence from work, but otherwise, the only prohibition on working is the student’s ability to handle the extra workload.

So, what makes it a good idea to work your first year of school, and what doesn’t? At what point will the workload from school become too much for a student to handle?

Does It Make Sense to Work Your First Year of College?

For many high schoolers and other young people who have not yet been to college, school may seem like this big, difficult, amorphous something that you need to conquer. It certainly seemed that way to me. 

With all of the unknowns and responsibilities that you are expected to devote yourself to while going to school, working can seem like another unnecessary burden. I mean, after all, your parents may help with some or all of your schooling, you can get scholarships, and you have access to student loans, right?

Well, some of those options may be wise, and if you and your family can afford it, it may be a good idea for you to forgo working your first semester or two to allow yourself adjust to college life, but it is never wise to consider loans and student debt as a first option. 

Aside from the fact that your schooling will actually cost you more money if you accept a student loan, as it constantly grows while you whittle away at it, it can take decades to free yourself from the burden of paying them off, making acceptance of s