Careers You Can Go Into with a Business Degree (And What They Earn!)

A business degree is versatile in many ways. Though it can be frustrating to figure out which of these careers pays the best and best fits your needs! I decided to do some research on careers you can go into with a business degree and what these careers earn!

What is the best job for someone with a business degree?  This can be debatable for some but one of the most lucrative jobs for someone with a business degree is becoming an advertising or marketing manager. They earn $127,560, which is a very well-paying job.

Now for some, what one can earn is the least of their worries when it comes to choosing a career with the degree they have earned. Instead one can look for a job that while it pays well but can also be fulfilling. You can find a list of careers with their job descriptions, and salary within this article.

What Can You Do with a Business Degree?

After receiving your business degree the feeling of relief and pride are bound to take over for a small time. But soon after you are now appointed to a new task of choosing a career path that will best suit your degree.

Some typical careers that business graduates go into with their degree are:

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Banking, investment, and financial services
  • General management
  • Human Resources/Personnel
  • Management consultancy
  • Public relations
  • Retail management
  • Sales and marketing

All of these careers differ with the benefits that may be included, the salary that the employees receive, and with how enjoyable it is. It is up to you to decide which path you want to follow.

Though, with that being said it can be difficult to know which path will best suit your aquired skills.

Skills you have gained from earning your business degree:

It is no secret that when you work hard you come to gain skills that you had not had before. The list can also be endless, and that is not a downside. In fact, having more skills can show employers why you are valuable to them!

A few of these skills can be:

  • Your ability to communicate and be able to present ideas in front of your peers (co-workers)
  • Goal setting
  • Leadership skills
  • Team working skills
  • Time management skills
  • Your analytical ability
  • roblem-solving skills

All of these skills play in your favor of becoming employable once you graduate from school.

Not only are these skills useful for your pursuit in a career but they are also useful for your everyday life!

Careers Those with a Business Degree Go Into (And What They Earn!)

A business degree can become extremely valuable in the work field today and for you successful future. It can become a quite versatile field to work in with the plentiful options of job positions you can go into.

With the right determination and skills you can thrive in whichever field you choose to follow through on. The short answer to what you can do with a business degree after you complete is anything.

There are no limits.

Though, I can tell you that the first three jobs mentioned are the best positions to seek after if you have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business.

Advertising or Marketing Manager Mean Salary: $127,560

This job position can be very profitable since today’s media/companies are in a large need of advertising their promotional videos or products.

Some of the top employees in this field can earn over $200,000 a year!

Some of the things that managers are in charge of monitoring team progress, negotiating contracts, evaluating marketing efforts, and advertising plans.

Something that can help greatly for this career path is taking on a minor in marketing and management along with your business degree.

That way you can a have some knowledge and a fair amount of background on the job before you start.

Financial Manager Mean Salary: $121,750

The average salary of this position is one of the most rewarding. The only thing is, you will need some education on accounting since some of the tasks required of you will need knowledge on that specific field.

Another important thing to note is that most companies prefer employees with a master’s degree. While that can be an optional requirement, it won’t hurt your annual pay.

Some of the tasks you are asked to complete in this position are:

  • Monitor statements
  • Monitor details
  • Supervise financial employees
  • Analyze market trends
  • Prepare statements

Overall, some of the most hardworking managers earn over $208,000 a year, which is some generous pay.

Sales ManagerMean Salary: $117,960

Some of the basic tasks that sales managers are responsible for are organizing and monitoring the efforts of sales staffs.

A benefit of being a business major is that you are able to easily thrive in this position, you can present the skills needed easily from work experience or experience while being in school.

There is no “one place” a sales manager is expected to strictly work at. They can expand from one industry to a completely different one. Some of the top employees in this position earn $208,000 a year.

Purchasing Manager Average Salary: $111,590

This job requires you to order materials for organizations that are in need of them.

For larger companies, this task can be very demanding and it can even be considered to be a full-time job.

Some things that you are likely to order are managers plans, direct and manage the purchase of other necessities (you are also appointed to finding these reasonably priced materials).

The average salary for a purchasing manager is generous, and the top 10% of these purchasing managers will earn more than $177,000.

The only downside is that the demand and job growth for this career is receding.

Training & Development Manager Average Salary: $105,830

This job is very valuable to many companies or organizations because their success relies on how well their employees are trained to work.

As a training manager, you are basically in charge of coordinating efforts to enhance the skills of your employees to benefit the company/organization.

If you are considering exploring this career path you can expect to work in a large office space and spend a remarkable amount of time with people.

You can easily find a job like this, the need for these positions are not likely to decline.

There is also plenty of job growth for this position if you are to advance further into this career you can earn $184,000 a year alongside the top 10%.

Corporate Executive Average Salary: $103,950

A position like this requires you to help organize and strategize a company to which you must help the company meet specific goals and even coordinate activities.

The duties that are required of one working as a corporate executive are endless. You must oversee the management of activities and directly oversee budgets.

This is not an easy job, this will require a lot of energy and determining if you are wanting to join the top 10%. If you make it as a top executive you will make a little over $103,000.

Though, if you make it into the top 10% you can make a whopping $208,000 a year. The job growth for this career is about the same as the national average.

Production Manager Average Salary: $97,140

A job like this one requires you to oversee daily operations of the manufacturing of many different materials and products.

You can find a position like this in the automotive industry, computer industry, or the paper industry.

Overall, this position is directly tied to management and your organization skills.

While this job can earn you a small salary at first (compared to other jobs you can pursue with your degree) it can rise to a significant amount.

You can reach a salary of $165,000 a year if you are in the top 10%.

Medical & Health Services Manager Average Salary: $96,540

The main task in a position like this is to plan healthcare and health services to others. You can expect to work in an office inside a healthcare facility (eg: nursing homes and hospitals).

If you focused on business administration while studying for your degree than this position will best benefit you.

This position also pays very well, and if you are to advance into the top 10% you can earn $172,000 a year.

Another great this about this position along with its pay is that its outlook is one of the highest. The opportunities for this position will be expected to grow at least 17%!

Administrative Services Manager Average Salary: $90,050

This job can be a bit difficult for some because of its set of responsibilities are more so how broad these responsibilities are.

A administrative managers’s tasks can differ from each organization but typically you are to plan and direct support services.

These support services are for many different organizations, facilities, and activities. You can be tasked to purchase different items for the office, or supervise the clerical staff, and even manage records.

In a simpler way to remember, an administrative manager is to keep the office on task and moving in the direction that the organization wants to take them in.

This job will continue to be on the outlook, growing to about 7%.

As you advance further into this position you can expect to earn $100,000 and the top 10% will earn $159,000 a year!

Financial Analyst Average Salary: $81,760

This job can be versatile with who you decide to work with. You can choose to work with businesses and individuals.

To which you will then give some recommendations for any investments they may want to make, information on stocks, bonds, and other investment opportunities!

As a financial analyst, you will be trained to evaluate financial data, prepare some written reports, and study economic trends with the goal to increase the value of an investment portfolio!

If you do a great job in your position you are likely to earn over $165,000 a year!

Even better, the job growth will increase 12%, which will cause this position to be in-demand for business majors everywhere!

An important thing to know about this job is that many top-performing analysts have received an MBA.

So, it might be in your favor to complete that next achievement in order to excel in your work.

Management AnalystAverage Salary: $81,330

As a management analyst, you are required to improve the company’s efficiency. Most management analysts are self-employed. If you’re one to enjoy solitude while working than this may be a position best fit for you.

Many of the hardest working analysts get paid an average of $149,720 a year.

The job growth for this position is also likely to grow 14% because it offers many different opportunities to work with industries across the country.

One of the many tasks this job requires of you are:

  • Advising managers
  • Gathering information
  • Interviewing personnel
  • eveloping solutions (depending on the company you work for)

This makes it one of the most interesting and engaging jobs in the business field.

LogisticianAverage Salary: $74,170

A logistician oversees a supply chain. A supply chain is a system that basically moves products from one producer to a customer.

Their duty, as a logistician, is to ensure that the product gets delivered to the right place in an appropriate condition.

This job is known to be one of the most complex in the business field. You have to monitor the production of a product, keeping an eye on the direct material used, and be able to develop relationships with the suppliers to keep the product coming.

On top of that, you have to also look or think of ways to improve the system if needed.

While you can apply for this job with a bachelor’s degree you can also apply with an associate’s degree. but many have a bachelor’s degree in business, management, or systems engineering.

If you reach into the top 10% you can expect to earn $117,000 a year!

Securities, Commodities, & Financial Service Sales AgentAverage Salary: $67,310

Your task in this job position is to connect both the buyers and the sellers.

You can expect to communicate with those involved with products or materials whether they are selling or purchasing these items. You are to contact potential clients, offer advice, analyze potential profit and the costs of upcoming deals.

The salary is less the previous jobs listed above but you can earn a significant amount if you climb the ladder in order to reach higher positions in the field.

Those in the top 10% earn about $208,000 a year! So expect a large paycheck if you are determined to work hard in this position.

Loan OfficerAverage Salary: $67,310

As a loan officer, your main task is to determine whether your institution should lend money to an individual based on their credit score or previous loan history.

You use software and algorithms to decide this. Sometimes the job can require you to understand data that is difficult for one to interpret.

Despite this, the pay for this job is quite high. Those within the top 10% receive $132,290 a year.

Market Research AnalystAverage Salary: $63,650

Being a market researcher requires you to monitor the market as well as the forecast for other companies to be able to know what to expect from other consumers.

An example of what you may be asked to monitor would be marketing plans, sales trends, and being able to break down information within graphs and other charts.

If you are considering following this career path, I would suggest studying statistics, research, and marketing to help improve your performance in the work field.

With success in this position you can expect to eventually earn about $121,000 a year. Which is really good pay.

Human Resource Specialist Average Salary: $59,180

When a company or organization is in need of new employees or someone to be able to effectively train and recruit new employees they call upon Human Resources.

Other tasks that an HR specialist are required to complete would be helping with employee relations, benefits and coming up with compensation plans.

Something that can be helpful in performing to the best of your ability as a specialist would be to complete certification. These certifications can be completed by going through other private organizations.

Completing certification will help build skills that are needed for your work.

An excellent specialist can earn over $100,000 a year but the growth is a small 5%.

Careers For Those with a Business Associate’s Degree Can Go Into (And What They Earn!)

Advertising Sales AgentMean Salary: $50,380

The main focus of this job is to locate and contact clients that have the potential of offering you advertising services.

Most of the time your clients will be businesses and other organizations that will most likely have something to sell. You can work from your office or you may be required to travel but that all depends on the position you hold in the field.

Some of the top performers in the field can earn over $115,000 with just advertising sales positions.

Insurance Sales AgentMean Salary: $49,990

As a sales agent, your main task is to help people choose plans that will protect those in significant financial loss.

Though, depending on the job you have exactly, you can sell auto, home, life, and business insurance.

One of the most important skills you can have for this position will be listening skills, selling skills, and communication skills!

An upside is that it is very possible for you to start this job with an associate’s degree!

The salary you can start off with this position is $128,000 which is a large sum of pay to some while to others it can be a small portion of what they can make!

Real Estate BrokerMean Salary: $46,410

With just a high school diploma you can become a real estate broker. Even better than that? With a associate’s degree you can accomplish much more and succeed even more than you could have imagined.

Real estate brokers earn a reasonable amount of money and if you reach into the top 10% of workers you can earn over $160,000 a year!

Customer Service AssociateMean Salary: $30,613-$39,765

This position can be one of the least interesting ones you can take on compared to the other positions. As a customer service associate, you are tasked to serving the customer.

This can range from listening to any complaint a customer may have about a product they ordered to making sure your other employees are treating these customers with respect.

Regardless of whether they are being difficult to work with or just plain rude.

Relationship BankerMean Salary: $41,251

The task of a relationship banker is to handle one client’s entire relationship with a bank. Some of the things that relationship banker’s take care of are: loans, personal accounts, trust funds, and investments their clients might make.

Another thing that a relationship banker can take care of is answering any questions their client may have about the respective bank, or the bank account they hold with them.

They also help clients decide on some decisions they make be making regarding finances. Relationship bankers are vital to keeping a great relationship a bank has with their customers.

By having a personal figure a client can turn to for any questions they may have also shows the client the great customer service a bank can provide.

If you are someone who enjoys helping others with any concerns they may have then this position may be something you can enjoy working in!

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