Do Electricians Work on Weekends?

Electricians play a very important role in how our modern world functions. It is the responsibility of an electrician to plan, install, and repair electrical systems to provide light, heat, and power to our homes and communities. With our great need for electricity, what does an electricians work schedule look like? Do electricians work through the weekends?

The majority of electricians work an average 40 hour week (8 hours per day) and do not normally work on the weekend. However, there are some variables that might cause an electrician to work on the weekends or have varying hours such as weather conditions, maintenance jobs, and other emergencies.

Although the average electrician works a normal 8 hour day, in a Monday through Friday work week. The work schedule of an electrician does depend on the type of electrician, the specialty of the electrician as well as the conditions in his/her work environment.

Work Load on Different Types of Electricians

There are many different specializations of electricians, but they can be divided into two main fields; residential and commercial electricians.

Residential Electricians

The most common electrician is the residential, or domestic, electrician. They are responsible for the proper installation and maintenance of lighting, wiring, and other electrical systems. They also diagnose problems, fix, and replace existing residential electrical systems that are not functioning properly. A residential electricians work schedule is normally very consistent and is not incredibly subject to change as it is determined by the electrician.

Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians work on much larger projects including commercial and industrial facilities. It is not uncommon for commercial electricians to travel frequently.

Although the task of a commercial electrician is often greater, they also normally have a set work schedule similar to that of a residential electrician. Even when a commercial electrician is assigned to travel, this normally takes place during the week rather than on the weekends, though on occasion it is necessary for the electrician to work a weekend while he travels. 

Work Conditions

Electricians are often susceptible to weather and can be delayed due to poor weather conditions such as rain and snow. An electrician may decide to work later in the evening, earlier in the morning or even take a few days of the weekend to compensate for such delays. An Electrician who focuses on indoor work would not have this issue.

Similarly, an electrician might also be impacted by the time of the year (particularly for residential electricians). Many electricians find that the warmer months of the year get busier than the cooler months.

Of course, emergencies happen

People and businesses often need a last minute electrical repair or servicing. Some electricians offer 24 hour emergency services that might require an employee to be on call under agreement.

Sometimes a more commercial electrician may be required to travel to different job sites for certain projects. It is not too uncommon for some electricians to travel outside of their own state. Because of this condition on some occasions an electrician might be out of town for a few days or even weeks.

A self employed electrician commonly has variable hours and may choose to work on the weekend. And though it is their choice to work on weekends, it is often necessary for a self employed electrician to work long hours to sustain his business.


Some specialized electricians such as a marine electrician (an electrician who works on aquatic vessels such as a tanker, yacht, or cruise ship) need to be available to work any day of the week due to the nature of their job.

Lineman (an electrician who builds and repairs power lines) often finds themselves working late shifts and on weekends.

Not very many individuals who choose to become an electrician choose to specialize in a certain field, but that does not necessarily mean these jobs have an extremely variable work schedule. For the most part, most jobs in the electrical industry try to maintain a consistent work schedule.


There are many variables that are involved that impact the work schedule of an electrician. Some of these variables are unavoidable, such as weather and time of year. Some variables should be considered when choosing a job as an electrician such as the specialty and work agreements of a specific company.

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