How Much Money Do Trumpet Players Make?

Knowing how much money could be made playing the trumpet, perhaps middle school me would have practiced every day like I was supposed to. Creating beautiful music while earning a paycheck is every musician’s dream, and this includes trumpeters.

So how much can a trumpet player make? Although earnings vary, the average salary of a trumpet player is $55, 594. On the higher end, you can earn about $140,000 playing in a renowned symphony orchestra. On the lower end, working independently can earn you about $25,000.

Many trumpeters focus their path in music on one desired career. With varying careers in the trumpet playing industry, money often is an important component of the desired outcome. In a competitive job market, focusing on how much money you would like to get from your talent can be effective in achieving your objective.

Trumpeter Job Salaries

Whether you are wanting to play your trumpet with a jazz group on the street corner or on the prestigious stage of Carnegie Hall, you want to know how much money you will be making. Here is a list of average salaries of trumpet players by job type.

Average SalaryJob Type
$145, 233Playing in a renowned symphony orchestra
$81,234College music instructor
$58,835Freelance musician

With these numbers we can see how becoming a musician in a renowned symphony orchestra would be everyone’s goal, but we have to take into account the extreme competition that comes with this aspiration. There simply is not enough room on the stage for every good musician, especially members of just one instrument. If money is your goal as a trumpet player, you must put in the required work if you want to be at the top. Members of prominent symphony orchestras simply do not decide to audition just for fun. They spend years and much of their life dedicated to reaching that goal because if they do not make the cut into receiving a spot on stage, they are looking at a salary reduction of about $64,000 in becoming a college music instructor instead. This is not a bad position as many musicians’ goals is to become a college professor of their particular instrument, but comparing the two, there is a substantial salary difference. Any musician must look to their salary goal early in their career to achieve where they would like to be.

Should Money Be My Goal?

We live in a world where money is a key incentive to what often pushes us toward a potential career. With that in mind, we do not often associate money with playing a classical instrument like the trumpet. I mean, can you name a list of millionaire trumpeters? Or even a list of any millionaire classical instrument performers? It is a rarity in the world we live in and that is just how it is. That being said, money can be a goal but it should not be THE goal, otherwise you will never be content with a career in this field.

Job Outlook

Although it may seem the classical music industry is trickling out of the arena…

Questions to Ask Yourself

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